Racism & Inequality

Black History Month
Black History Month 2021

“No one can say anymore, ‘This does not concern me.’
” Imitate Christ by becoming neighbor
to every man, and woman.”
Pope Francis to Ursulines

We are taking our call to be neighbor to every man and woman very seriously.  Right now we are faced with tragic injustices to people of color.  We must do our homework, listen, ponder and take action.  To that end we will be posting resources here:

Stand With Us Against Racism

Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Delaware is proud to introduce you to one of their students, Whitney Grinnge-Cassidy whose Youth Ted talk will renew your faith in the next generation having the values and skills to make positive changes in our world.  Whitney has already had an impact in here school and challenges all of us to ACTION.  Click the link to below and see for yourself.
Why Microaggressions Aren’t So Micro

It is frequently easier to deplore racism and its effects than to take responsibility for the privileges some of us receive as a result of it. Key to dealing with white privilege is the courage to own it, and the willingness to learn to be accountable to people of color. – Margaret Alandt, IHM and Pat McClucskey, IHM #StandAgainstRacism  #WhitePrivilege  https://lcwr.org/sites/ default/files/publications/ files/rta11-16_1.pdf

Racism and Inequality continue to be issues that need our attention and action. Below are several resources that you might find helpful:

The Anatomy of Racism

Undoing Racism Continuum of Action