Integrity of Creation

Laudato Si Week Reflections

Thanks to the Office Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation, Sisters of Charity of New York and the Office of Peace, Justice and Ecological Integrity, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, we are sharing the following Contemplative Guide for Laudato Si’ Week 2024: Seeds of Hope.
Seeds of Hope

Laudato Si’-Second Quarter 2024 Newsletter

This issue of the Head, Hands and Heart Newsletter has a focus on land, exploring different views of the land: those of indigenous peoples, as well as legal forms of land ownership.

Laudate Deum

Pope Francis’s Laudate Deum exhortation , released just a few weeks before COP28, calls on governments and other stakeholders to step forward and responsibly address the climate emergency to mitigate and eventually reverse this truly global crisis afflicting God’s beloved creation and our poorest sisters and brothers .

Laudate Deum is a concrete call for truly ensuring multilateralism as a governance capable to establish and implement global and effective rules for “global safeguarding”. A democratic and inclusive space where civil society voices could be heard, where all countries have a role to play, where the compass is the common good and not a “world authority concentrated in one person or in an elite with excessive power” (LD 35).

Looking towards COP28, each State party is currently finalizing its negotiating position. It is therefore most important to advocate within each country or region to arrive in Dubai with clear commitments
to implement the Paris Agreement.
Laudate Deum – Advocacy Towards COP28

End of Year Updates

This November/December issue of the Grange newsletter ends the year with a different content format. Laudate Deum, the sequel to Laudato Si’, is reviewed
along with coverage of the Synod which ended this October. Testimonials from our Grange Community highlight how the climate crisis is affecting our lives. In light of these topics, we are including a section on climate anxiety and
LaudatoSi_Nov_Dec 2023

Issue of Environmental and Climate Justice

This May/June issue of the Grange newsletter examines the meaning and movements behind Climate Justice and Environmental Justice. These terms, though different, both relate to our planetary home. We hope the material offered for your under-standing and reflection will be encouraging and give impetus to action. We can make an impact. It is up to us!

Issue of Activism

The March /April newsletter highlights people and movements around the world
that are making a difference protecting our common home. Individual and collective action can make a difference! Greta Thunberg states, “I’m telling you there is hope. I have seen it, but it does not come from the governments or corporations.  It comes from the people.”

LaudatoSi_March-April 2023  (Heads, Hands, Heart)

Issue of Energy

The Jan/Feb edition of the Benedictine Grange newsletter considers energy’s role within climate change. The issues are complex. As people of faith, we must ask ourselves how we are treating God’s gift of creation.
Heads, Hands, Heart Newsletter on Energy

Problem of Plastics

Pope Francis says “we cannot allow our seas and oceans to be littered by endless fields of floating plastic. Here too, our active commitment is needed to confront this emergency. Thanks to the Benedictine Grange of which our own Terry Eppridge is a part, we can post here their November/December Newsletter dealing with many aspects of the problem of plastics.
Laudato Si Head, Hands, Heart Newsletter