Stop Trafficking Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter

Shine the Light on Human Trafficking Conference

If you missed the Shine a Light on Human Trafficking Conference, here are the links to the recordings and to available talks and presentations from the two afternoons:

Action Alert I – Central American Women & Children Protection Act

Click here to write and call your Members of Congress urging their support and co-sponsorship of this federal legislation that addresses the root causes of migration so that women and children in particular are not forced to migrate and become extremely vulnerable to human traffickers. This legislation specifically prohibits any funds going to the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Instead, the funds must be channeled through civil society.

Action Alert II – Immigration System as Root Cause

Click here to write your Members of Congress urging them to address the link between immigration policies and human trafficking. When people cannot safely provide for themselves, they have a right to migrate. Because of our dysfunctional immigration policies, many people seeking our help are put further at risk. Our priority should be to help impoverished nations to become self-sufficient while fixing our own broken immigration system.

Action Alert III – Root Causes of Human Trafficking

Click here to write your Members of Congress calling for legislation that ensures sufficient income for a person to support themselves and their families, ends the gender wage gap, ensures transparency in the supply chain, enacts compassionate immigration laws, and ends racism. Further, we need to ensure that we do not punish the victims but rather criminalize the “johns” and those who profit from the prostitution industry.

CCOAHT’s members have developed Day of Prayer Anti-Trafficking Toolkit _2021 which offers excellent of ways we can work together in our communities to end human trafficking. You can also join the Become a SHEPHERD community and incorporate anti-trafficking into your ministries and activities.

Additional Resources:

*See the Human Trafficking Section of the JFI Website!
*Pray to End Human Trafficking
*Plan to celebrate the February 8th Feast Day of St. Josephine Bakhita, who was enslaved and received her freedom with the support of the Cannossian Sisters.
*The Catholic Church has designated her Feast as the World Day of Prayer, Reflection, and Action against Human Trafficking .
*Please join USCCB’s Anti-Trafficking Department, The John J. Brunetti Human Trafficking Academy, and the Coalition of Catholic Organizations against Human Trafficking for a virtual event to reflect and pray for the 40.3 million women, men, and children trapped in modern day slavery.
*U.S. Catholic Sisters against Human Trafficking (USCSAHT)

Nuns Healing Hearts

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Talitha Kum Network a Photo Exhibit entitled “Nuns healing hearts” by Lisa Kristine, was displayed in the United Nations Building.  Sr Alice Marie Giordano viewed this exhibit and was impressed by the deep compassion it portrayed.

On July 29th, a special Reception promoted by the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN and the Galileo Foundation was held to welcome Sr Gabriela Bottani SMC, International Coordinator of Talitha Kum.

 On July 30th an event took place at the UN Church Center. It was entitled, “Strengthening Connections to End Human Trafficking”. Representative from Taliha Kum, USCAHT and UN NGO’s were present.

Sr Gabriela Bottani explained that Talitha Kun has 2,000 members,  7 Regional Networks in 77 countries. She  spoke of the fact that this organization strengthens advocacy at the grassroots level and at all other advocacy levels. It have given priority during these last five years to Women’s Leadership including education and formation. Sr Gabriela expressed interest in learning about how those present build strong networks and what outreach has been accomplished.

Sr Michelle Loisel, DC, who is Coordinator of Provincial Response to Migrants and Issues of Human Slavery spoke about the networks are sharing best practices, skill building efforts and information about who is working and where they are working and what they are doing. She reminded us that next year will be the 20th Anniversary of the Palermo Protocol and there will be many events at the UN. Several trafficking victims will be speakers at these events.

Sr Winifred Doherty RSG, NGO Representative for the Good Shepherd Sisters and leader in many of the coalitions at the UN presented a power point the contained great insight into how the Good Shepherd Sisters are structured to work against Human Trafficking. It also explained the many intersecting coalitions at the UN dealing with this topic as well as the power of the main UN Documents. Sr Winifred spoke passionately about the work the Religious Sister, Brothers and Priests are doing in the various NGO’s at the UN.

There was time for those who were present to share informally the work of the networks they represent and the issues that they find most compelling at this time in this work.

Reflection on Trafficking
Details of the Signs Not to be Missed