Nuns Against Gun Violence

Recently a new group was formed Nuns Against Gun Violence (NAGV) to take action and raise awareness as gun violence rises unchecked in our country. 
In June NAGV sponsored a Prayer Vigil Service and circulated a novena. 
June 2 Prayer Service 
Novena Against Gun Violence

A Deeper Look at Nonviolence Today

A recent webinar featuring Marie Denis and Rose Marie Berger looks again at the challenge of nonviolence and focuses on the experience of a group of faith leaders invited to Ukraine by the mayor of Kyiv.

Returning to and Exploring the Power of Nonviolence

Pax Christi International Presents

Appropriate for individual or small group reflection, this 25 minute film is based on the December 2020 virtual gathering that brought together more than 500 people from around the world for a three-hour retreat on gospel nonviolence. The video brings together the wisdom of distinguished speakers from many countries with deep experience in the practice of nonviolence as a spirituality and a way of life.

Retreat on Gospel Nonviolence, Breaking Barriers, Binding Wounds, Healing Nations

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine
and pray for peace

Be inspired by this ritual of Peace performed at Lincoln Center.

Table of Silence

You might be interested in what Pace e Bene is calling Campaign Nonviolence: a new movement to transform our lives and to change our world through the power of active nonviolence.

Below you will find the link to their brochure:
Campaign Nonviolence