Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

The Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union in the United States are committed to comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform.  This is rooted in our profound belief in the dignity of each human person created in God’s image.  We are all brothers and sisters.  Our foundress, Angela Merici invites us to…”love them all…because they are God’s children…Welcome them and bear with all of them impartially.”

We stand in solidarity with all those who are advocating for the following elements in comprehensive immigration reform:

  • Earned Legalization – a road to citizenship for the undocumented.

  • Future Worker Program – programs that include workplace protections, living wages, safeguards against displacement of US workers, and family unity

  • Family –based Immigration Reform –  programs designed to stop deportation that break families apart.  We ask that practice of family detention be halted and alternatives that employ children’s freedom and dignity while awaiting due process be employed.

  • Restoration of Due Process Rights – to noncitizens

  • Addressing Root Causes –working with other countries to remove reasons people flee

  • Enforcement – work for legitimate, intelligent border protection.  We are members of an international community of women religious and together with all our sisters we advocate for policies and actions for refugee and asylum seekers not only at our own borders but throughout our global world

    Our Ursuline Sisters have committed to the following ACTIONS:

  • Prayer (praying the JFI prayer daily)

  • Contacting federal elected officials (senators and representatives) urging them to support comprehensive immigration reform

  • Contacting a local agency the works with or advocates for immigrants and refugees and asking how to be of service

  • Locating the nearest ICE Detention Center and investigating who is detained there, the services provided, who operates the center and finding ways to advocate for the people there

  • Sharing the information gained with others and inviting them to actively campaign for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In solidarity and compassion,
And compelled by the Gospel,
We open our hearts
To the cries of the earth
And its people.

Chapter, 2013