Our Sisters in Venezuela ask for your Prayers in support

A march was organized by the newly elected acting president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó on Saturday, November 16, 2019.  There were many threats by Nicolas Maduro.  With fear yet great hope thousands of Venezuelans showed up for the nonviolent march.

There are organized marches every day this week but with a different twist.  Every day for two hours people are encouraged to go out of the homes, make as much noise as possible as a way to support the movement. On Tuesday the nurses and those in health care will march, on Wednesday, the teachers and on Thursday the young people.  It’s their way of keeping the light burning and the hope strong.

Click on this link to see video of the march

World Day of Peace 2019
Message from Pope Francis January 1, 2019

Be inspired by this ritual of Peace performed at Lincoln Center.

Table of Silence

You might be interested in what Pace e Bene is calling Campaign Nonviolence: a new movement to transform our lives and to change our world through the power of active nonviolence.

Below you will find the link to their brochure:
Campaign Nonviolence