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Common Thrusts

Human Trafficking
The NGO Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons is encouraging sales of fair trade chocolate
for Passover and Easter to help stop the epidemic of human trafficking in Africa.
Click on the art below to get details of a way for you to help stop human trafficking:


Trafficking in Persons in its many forms continues to be a major focus for all of us as Ursulines seeking to educate and empower women.  Each year the US Government  issues the TIP report giving an analysis of each country (including the United States).  It is recognized worldwide as an excellent resource.  It can be downloaded at: www.state.gov/j/tip/rls/tiprpt/ or copies can be obtained at TIPOutreach@state.gov

trafficking report

Also Maureen can forward specific country information.  Contact her at: mtwosu@gmail.com.

Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center
The Ursulines of the Roman Union USA are affliated with the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center based in Seattle Washington.  Their summer publication is now available at the Web site www.ipjc and the focus is Climate change.  The articles are excellent especially the lead article "Kenosis, Climate Change and Christianity" by Sallie McFague.  On the back cover is a prayer reflection suggestion that you might find very helpful to small group sharing.   The Web site has a variety of resources at your fingertips. 
To check it out, just click on the link below to go directly to the site:
Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center
Here's a taste of the wisdom you will find:
"Like the pattern of the nautilus shell,
May we live our lives in a 'constant graceful curve toward purpose.' May we have the wisdom and courage to seek 'abundant life for all'."

Protect the Dignity & Rights of Immigrants

Despite the fact that the nation clearly wants and needs immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship, leadership in the House of Representatives are still dragging their feet. While NETWORK continues advocating specifically for legislative reform as the way to permanently resolve our broken immigration system, there are things that President Obama and the administration can do right now to make deportation practices more humane.

These changes are:

  • End all night-time deportations
  • End family separation during the deportation process
  • Do not deport individuals to particularly dangers locations
  • Return all belongings prior to deportation
  • Provide prior notification to Mexican authorities of people with special needs
  • Provide opportunities for border NGO input.

World Peace
You might be interested in what Pace e Bene is calling Campaign Nonviolence: a new movement to transform our lives and to change our world through the power of active nonviolence.  Below you will find the link to their brochure:
Campaign Nonviolence

The UN offers a concise action plan for a Culture of Peace:
Culture of Peace

Human Trafficking
The Eastern Province Ursulines are involved in New York Coalition of Religious Congregations to Stop the Trafficking of Persons, which was formed in 2005 to work against Human Trafficking in the three areas of Education, Legislation and Safe Housing.
NY CRC-Stop has been making big plans to join with the New Jersey Coalition to prepare our areas to protect young people from the Human Trafficking that is known to be happening at big sports events.  There will be organized training of teams to approach all the hotels and motels and offer them information about the ECPAT Code.  This training will take place at faith based levels, at college levels and at gatherings of high school students.

Another organization the Eastern province Ursulines are working with is LifeWay Network whose mission is to provide safe housing for survivors of human trafficking and to offer educational opportunities for the general public.  LifeWay Network, named to express the vision of providing a new way of life for trafficked survivors, has worked in a collaborative approach since 2006 by networking with agencies and social service providers.

The NGO Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons is dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking in all its forms through education, adocacy, research and monitoring compliance with UN treaties, protocols, laws and resolutions.  The Committee recognized the urgency of raising awareness of this violation of Human Right, ensuring action at the UN to address the underlying causes of human trafficking, and providing services to victims.

To keep informed regarding trafficking, you might want to utilize the Stop Trafficking Newsletter at www.stopenslavement.org.

Global Justice
Partnership for Global Justice is an NGO coalition of 125 congregations, groups and individuals grounded in Gospel values who work in partnership by providing workshops and advocay training to raise consciousness and awareness for the promotion of the UN Charter.  Sr. Maureen Welch, a member of the Ursuline Eastern Province, is their Associate Director.

Riverkeeper has been "New York's clean water advocate" for 50 years.  They have monitored the Hudson River and fought for high standards opf water protection and have led many campaigns to fight against the Indian Point Nuclear Power Site.

ROAR, Religious Organizations Along the River,
are involved around climate change from educating at assemblies, regional meetings and workshops tocollaboration with other groups and addressing it in their own properties.  They collaborate with and join in support of Riverkeeper.





Act, believe,
do your best,
have hope,
and without
a doubt,
you will see

Angela Merici














































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