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Public Statement • February 19, 2018
Parkland Shooting
Roman Union Ursulines in the United States

The Roman Union Ursuline Sisters in the United States are united in prayer for those in Parkland Florida – the victims, their families and the countless others whose sense of safety and security have been shattered.

We stand with all those, especially the young people, who are crying out that prayer alone is not enough – we must do something. Now is an acceptable time to act – to be the change we wish to see in the world. This is what our Chapter mission statement challenges us to be.

As Ursulines we commit ourselves to nonviolence and peacemaking. This is the acceptable time to speak and act for reasonable gun control and support services to identify and address the real needs of those who suffer from emotional, psychological and mental challenges.

As our commitment to young people, the future of our nation, we too will raise our voice to speak out against any legislation, the gun lobby, industry and organization that perpetuate a culture of hate and violence. We stand in solidarity with all who have the courage to speak out and act for the common good of our nation.

St. Angela, our foundress, urges us to seek peace and harmony wherever we are. Like countless others who stand in the Christian tradition, we affirm the centrality of active nonviolence to the vision and message of Jesus, to our vibrant tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and to our vocation of being healers and reconcilers for our earth and its people.

Global Compact on Migration

Recently the Trump administration announced it will no longer participate in talks around the Global Migration Compact. This is the second international movement we are withdrawing from as a nation. The following Statement gives the details and information on the Global Compact for Migration as well as the Ursuline Sisters position.

Global Compact for Migration Statement

Share the Journey

Pope Francis is being joined by bishops across the U.S. and around the world in launching a global campaign to support our brothers and sisters who have fled their homes seeking a decent and safe life for their families. This historic campaign, Share the Journey, will respond to some of the most desperate of God’s children and your leadership and inspiration is needed.

sept 27

Mark your calendar now:
·  September 27: The official launch in Rome
by Pope Francis

·  October 7-13: Week of Prayer and Action
across the U.S.

share the Journey

Prayer: Let Us Share the Journey

Explore the resources, stories, videos, and more on the Migration Campaign Interactive Website at: https://www.loveyourneighbor.us/.

You are invited to join a Facebook Live event around this historic campaign and learn how churches, schools and individuals can be involved and  reach out to migrants and refugees fleeing war, persecution and severe poverty. Join us on September 12 at 1 pm on the Catholic Relief Services Facebook page. If you can’t join us live, please watch it later on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/CatholicReliefServices/

Through prayers and acts of compassion and support, you can help shape conversations and actions to answer the Gospel call to love our neighbors.

Action Alert for DACA

Between now and September 5th we all need
to pray and fast for the Dreamers. 
Read the Alert attached here:
Action Alert for Dreamers


We're all aware of the tragedy of Charlottesville and so here are two resources we'd like to share
from Center for Concern.
Prayer after Charlottesville
Catholic Social Teaching and Racism

In Solidarity with People of Venezuela

July 24 Update

July 24th Brenda Ferreira writes from Venezuela:
"This is the "mother of all weeks"!  National strike Weds and Thurs,  mega marches on Friday - and Maduro persists with his "election" on Sunday 30th.  The Cardinal has spoken out (again) against the "Constituent Assembly".  I don´t know how Maduro would get out of it, even if he wanted to, as he is controlled by the narco gang around him.

Pray, pray for us! "

On July 23 the New York Times printed an excellent article with extrordinary photos about the situation in Venezuela:
The Battle for Venezuela, Through a Lens, Helmet and Gas Mask

Let us pray in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.


News from our friends in Venezuela included these videoes to give you a view of what is happening:
Green Helmets



General Chapter Call
Empowered and transformed by the Holy Spirit, we Ursulines are called personally and communally to recommit ourselves to the work of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation with a special focus on the issues of migration and the environment.




Act, believe,
do your best,
have hope,
and without
a doubt,
you will see

Angela Merici

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